Promoting, Asserting & Defending the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Guyana


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Promoting the Traditions, Customs & Laws of Indigenous Peoples in Guyana


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Promoting, Asserting & Defending the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples in Guyana


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Our Mission

The mission of the APA is to promote the social, economic, political and cultural development of Amerindian communities in solidarity with each other and to promote and defend their rights.

Our Goals

The long term goal of the APA is to secure legislative and policy changes to protect indigenous rights in all instances, to promote representation of indigenous peoples by indigenous peoples themselves, to provide information to indigenous communities about their rights under national and international law, to promote the sustainable use of the natural resources by indigenous peoples and to ensure the protection of the environment, to secure participation in development activities and decision making processes that affect the lives of the indigenous peoples of Guyana, and to ensure that the state fulfill its obligations in providing basic services to indigenous communities such as health, education, transportation and communication services.

Our Objectives

  • Promoting, asserting and defending the rights of the indigenous peoples of Guyana to self-determination, to exercise autonomous control over their institutions, ways of life, intellectual and cultural heritage and economic, social and cultural development, and to maintain, develop and strengthen their identities, cultures, languages, religions and relationship with their land territories and resources historically occupied and used.
  • Promoting, defending and ensuring, by all legal means including the courts and international fora and tribunals, the full and free exercise of all the internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms, including economic, social and cultural rights, pertaining to indigenous individuals and peoples.
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