Vacancy: Short term Livelihoods Consultant

Terms of Reference for short term Livelihoods Consultant


In 2016, the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) launched a project with the support of the Government of Norway and in alliance with the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) and the Rainforest Foundation US (RF-US). Project activities will seek to influence the climate and forest programs and policies in Guyana to ensure support for indigenous communities in rolling out sustainable livelihood programs and community-based initiatives. To that end, it seeks to promote and enable improved implementation of REDD+ safeguards and support for community driven solutions. It will produce, validate, and publicly disseminate updated information from the field, which can be used by government and international agencies in shaping policies on land and forests (including Low Carbon Development Strategy and REDD+ programs) in Guyana.


Part of that effort is focusing on how Amerindian communities can best take advantage of both funding and technical support available (including investments in low carbon development and climate mitigation and adaptation finance) to build their infrastructure for sustainable development, meeting strategic and priority needs first to influence regional landscape planning for conservation and sustainable development objectives. Under this component, a number of studies have been commissioned, including a scoping study on low carbon and climate resilient investment opportunities for indigenous communities. At a workshop in Georgetown in May, leaders from across the country took stock of the information gathered and identified next steps for the livelihoods work, including starting with the design of a training program designed to build capacity of community leaders, women and youth to foster sustainable development.



There are three primary objectives of this consultancy:

  1. Design a culturally appropriate training curriculum including specific modules on proposal development and project feasibility assessment, project management including budgets, book keeping and accounting and market research, marketing and value chain assessment. Other topics will likely be included.
  2. Build relationships with current training providers in Guyana.
  3. Establish and/or strengthen relations with Government agencies and civil society organizations implementing training for Amerindian communities in Guyana.


Expected Products

  1. A set of training materials covering basic aspects of business development, including: proposal development, project feasibility assessment, project management, business planning, budgets, book keeping and accounting, market research, marketing and value chain assessment and other topics to be determined.
  2. A course design based on specifications to be provided by the APA.
  3. A list of potential course facilitators, lecturers and contributors in Guyana, detailing their areas of expertise, compensation rates and contact information.
  4. Identification of potential training locales and the costs associated.
  5. Recommendations on possible national and international alliances or collaborations with other civil society organizations, universities or government agencies or programs that would support implementation of training program.


Principal Activities

  • Gather and review relevant training materials in English (and potentially Spanish and Portuguese) to serve as inputs for developing training modules
  • Determine which materials can be produced in-house by APA (i.e. though this consultantancy) based on the availability of suitable examples and which require sub-contracting to specialized additional consultancies
  • Finalize terms of reference and contracts for sub-contractors to develop specific modules; interview candidates and award sub-contracts; supervise sub-contractors
  • Review and revise training materials produced by consultants
  • Design training program, which will include the training modules plus practical applications or exercises, any field work or exchanges, additional reading materials and any planned follow up and/or mentoring of participants
  • Develop detailed budget for implementation of all aspects of the training program
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, the Small Business Bureau, the UNDP, Conservation International, the University of Guyana and other relevant actors in Guyana involved in livelihood oriented training for indigenous communities to identify and develop potential synergies and partnerships



It is anticipated that this consultancy will start on or about August 10th, 2017 and continue through the end of December 2017. Specific due dates for individual products will be negotiated with the consultant upon commencement of the assignment.


Application Information

To apply for this consultancy, please submit letter of interest summarizing relevant experience and curriculum vitae to Rupa Harisingh, Project Coordinator at the Amerindian Peoples Association at: