Vacancy: Policy Advisor for the Amerindian Peoples Association

Job title: Policy Advisor Guyana FLEGT VPA

Start date: 24 March 2014

Salary: 174,000 gross

Summary of position:

The Amerindian Peoples Association is seeking a highly motivated, driven and committed individual to fill the position of FLEGT Policy Advisor to work with its project, “Promoting the effective participation of indigenous peoples in the FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement process in Guyana”. This project is being funded under the European Union’s programme “Supporting the participation of civil society organizations and the national private sector federations/entities in FLEGT VPA-related activities – Guyana component”and will run for two years beginning in 2014.


The EU initiative on Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) aims to reduce deforestation and halt trade in illegal timber through Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) with timber producing countries. It also seeks to promote improved forest governance through national processes that include indigenous peoples, civil society and the private sector. This project aims to work with indigenous communities to promote their effective participation in securing full respect for their rights in Guyana’s FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

Key responsibilities:

·        Facilitate the effective participation and representation of indigenous communities  and individuals in the FLEGTVPA process through capacity building workshops;

·        Plan the technical aspects of community workshops including developing culturally appropriate training materials;

·        Engage in dialogue and discussions with Amerindian Village Councils,the National Toshaos’ Council, Indigenous Peoples Commission (IPC) and Indigenous non-governmental organizations (NGOs), among others, in relation to the FLEGT VPA initiative and the representation of indigenous issues;

·        Formulate recommendations arising out of community outreach and write technical submissions for VPA stakeholder and other consultation processes

·        Represent the APA and indigenous communities at related community,national and international forums;

·        Engage in meetings with the National Technical Working Group and relevant constituency groups related to the Guyana VPA process;

·        Develop detailed proposal for the Legality Assurance System (LAS) under the VPA with respect to the rights of indigenous peoples.
Job requirements:

·        A compatible university degree is an advantage but not compulsory;

·        Five passes at the Caribbean Examinations or equivalent among which English must be one;

·        Knowledge of REDD + dialogue and decisions at the national and international levels;

·        Knowledge of the FLEGT VPA process in Guyana in relation to indigenous issues;

·        Knowledge of how FLEGT VPA processes have worked in other countries as well as  guidelines and requirements under the FLEGT VPA and the EU Timber Trade Regulations, and other associated information;

·        Knowledge of relevant legislations and polices governing indigenous peoples;

·        Knowledge and understanding of indigenous ways of life including livelihoods, the environment, and land issues;

·        Understanding of the impacts of the forest and other extractive sectors on indigenous traditional rights;

·        The ability to speak one or more Amerindian languages is highly desired;

·        Strong English writing skills.



The FLEGT Policy Advisor will work in collaboration/coordination with the Project Assistant and Project Coordinator and will report to the latter.

To apply for this position send application with two references to Jean La Rose, Programme Administrator, Amerindian Peoples Association, 200 Charlotte Street, Bourda, Georgetown, E-mail: no later than March 18, 2013.Tel: 223-8150