Donations needed to bring relief to Region 8 communities

Many communities in Region 8: Potaro-Suparuni, western Guyana, are still greatly affected by flash floods that came as a result of heavy rainfall in the area. Following news of this disaster, the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) started a donation drive to help in the relief effort to the region. Over the weekend, the organisation has been receiving copious amounts of donations and for this we are thankful. However, this is not the end, communities are still in desperate need of vital food, water and shelter supplies as many of their homes and belongings were washed away.
To help guide you on the donations needed to subsidise suffering in the area, we have compiled a list for benefit of everyone participating in the effort to bring #ReliefToRegionEight. All donations, monetary or otherwise, are accepted at the APA office on 200, Charlotte Street (between Light and Cummings Streets), Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana. Below you will find our donation list:
Food and water:
Bottles of water, farine; cassava bread; rice; tasso; canned food – corned mutton/beef, sardine, tuna and vegetables; salt fish; salted meat; porridge supplies; teabags; powdered milk; sugar; salt; drink mixes; chowmein/pasta; peas; cassareep and biscuits.

Clothing and other items:
Tarpaulin; cooking utensils; cooking oil; hammocks; mosquito nets; sheets/blankets; towels; toilet paper; disposable napkins; sanitary pads; laundry soap/detergent; bleach; bath soap; matches/lighters; rope; garbage bags; water purification tablets; clothes (underwear, shirts, pants, dresses etc.); reusable eating utensils; buckets and insect repellent.

We will continue to update you on the situation in the region and about our Georgetown office. For more live updates, you can like APA’s Facebook or follow us on Twitter @APAGuyana. You can also contact the APA office at 592-227-0275 or 592-223-8150.