APA Units

Kako River

Arising from the many communities with whom we work, was the establishment of APA units, which consists of no less that 10 persons per unit.   Though, the total membership of each unit is usually higher than ten and can sometimes be a significant part of a community.  Currently there are 66 such units throughout the regions in which we work.

These units were created to be the direct link from the community to the central office and to provide a medium whereby their rights could be protected.

APA units are mainly located in five of the ten administrative regions of Guyana.  These regions are:

Region 1 Barima/Waini- Mabaruma, Matarkai and Moruca sub-regions

Region 2 Pomeroon/Supenaam- Pomeroon sub-region

Region 7 Cuyuni/Mazaruni- Upper and Middle Mazaruni; Upper Cuyuni

Region 8 Potaro/Siparuni- Pakaraimas and Potaro sub-regions

Region 9 Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo – Central, South Central, Deep South and North Rupununi