Executive Committee

The APA is led by an Executive Committee comprising eighteen persons who are elected into their positions for three years. It is made up of seven core committee members and eleven regional representatives. Members of the Executive Committee reside within their home communities but actively participate in the administration of the organization through meetings and consultations. The Executive Committee is responsible for the over all administration of the organization.

The current Executive committee for the period 2015-2018

President – Mario Hastings
Vice-President – David Wilson
Secretary – Earl Thomas
Treasurer – Benson Thomas
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer-Eugenia Rahaman
Youth representative: Ted Lucas
Women’s Representative: Sherryann Balkaran

Regional Representatives:

Region 1: Jeremy Boyal, Reynold Hutson, Nicholas Jones
Region 2: Harold Marslow,
Region 7: Claude Anselmo, Alvin Joseph, Alma Marshall
Region 8: Roger Alfred, Paul Benjamin
Region 9: Matthew Charlie, John Alfred, Allan Fredricks, Ron James