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The APA Has Never Called for a “State within a State” but Instead Respect for Indigenous Rights

Press Statement – June 13, 2013

Recently and even more than before there has been a spate of letters appearing in the Guyana Chronicle leveled at criticizing the work of the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) and making totally false and malicious statements and assertions about the organization and its Vice President Tony James.  Continue reading

Kid-Rodelo James response – why the women of Aishalton, of Deep South Rupununi blocked an excavator from passing thru their village

A letter written by Kid-Rodelo James, a resident of Aishalton, Deep South in response to various articles published which have sought to question the motive behind the actions of the women’s group in blocking the path of an excavator Continue reading

APA – VP Tony James response to June 7, 2012 allegations in a letter published by the Guyana Chronicle

Today we share with you a letter written by our Vice President Tony James in response to allegations contained in a letter published in the Guyana Chronicle newspaper on June 7. The APA will today issue a response to a letter published in the same newspaper questioning our response to the allegations contained in the June 7 letter. Continue reading